oc import-image fails

  • oc import-image ibrows/herokuish
    # error: no image stream named "herokuish" exists, pass --confirm to create and import
    oc import-image "ibrows/herokuish" --confirm
    # Importing (ctrl+c to stop waiting) ...
    # error: unable to determine if the import completed successfully - please run 'oc describe -n backend-php imagestream/herokuish' to see if the tags were updated as expected: image stream watch ended prematurely
    oc describe -n backend-php imagestream/herokuish
    # Name:			herokuish
    # Created:		About a minute ago
    # Labels:			<none>
    # Annotations:		openshift.io/image.dockerRepositoryCheck=tag "latest" has not been set on repository "ibrows/herokuish"
    # Docker Pull Spec:
    # Tag	Spec			Created	PullSpec	Image
    # latest	ibrows/herokuish		<not available>	<not available>

  • APPUiO Staff

    Thanks for the report, we'll look into this

  • APPUiO Staff

    @maennchen oc import-image is used to update metadata of external Docker images used by existing applications. To create a new application based on a pre-built Docker image use: oc new-app ibrows/herokuish. However such an image does not seem to be available on Dockerhub. Can you please explain what you are trying to do?

  • it's in a private repository.

    i have created a secret and tried to base a build on this image, but it doesn't seem to work.

    what i've done:
    oc secrets new-dockercfg docker --docker-email='mail' --docker-password='password' --docker-username='username' --docker-server='https://index.docker.io/v1/'
    oc secrets new docker .dockercfg=/path/to/.dockercfg
    then added it to the service accounts
    oc secrets add serviceaccount/builder secrets/docker --for=pull
    also added it to default which doesn't help either.

    if i create a new app like:
    oc new-app private/image~https://github.com/path/to/project --strategy=docker --name=test
    everything seems to be built correctly (the pullSecret is added in the buildconfig)

    i receive:

    I0421 10:16:11.874270       1 source.go:189] Cloning source from https://github.com/path/to/project
    W0421 10:16:15.031422       1 source.go:63] Error getting git info: error invoking 'config --get remote.origin.url': exit status 1. Out: , Err: 
    W0421 10:16:15.119054       1 docker.go:196] Error getting git info: error invoking 'config --get remote.origin.url': exit status 1. Out: , Err: 
    Step 0 : FROM private/image
    Trying to pull repository registry.access.redhat.com/private/image ... not found
    Trying to pull repository docker.io/private/image ... not found
    F0421 10:16:19.736064       1 builder.go:185] Error: build error: Error: image private/image:latest not found

    even editing the buildconfig and trying different pullSecret variations doesn't help

  • btw:

    deploying an app with private/image like @dani mentioned seems to pull the image correctly

    4:36:59 PM image-1-khrrp Pod Pulled Successfully pulled image "private/image:latest"

  • APPUiO Staff

    @munzli said:
    Does your last comment mean that it's working now? Is private really the name of your private docker repository or did you anonymize that?

  • @dani yep obfuscated

    and wait for it... it seems that the building now worked

    did you change anything?

  • APPUiO Staff

    @munzli No, we didn't change anything. How did you start the builds? Not all variants use the newest build config.

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