source2image with custom builder image

  • I am currently trying to create a source2image build using a custom private underlying builder image. I first try to upload an already built docker image to the registry using docker login and docker push. I got an authentication required message even though the login was successfull.

    Then my next approach was to create the image on openshift using a docker build. I uploaded my Dockerfile to a private repostiory and created a new build on openshift that pulls that repository and builds the Dockerfile. The problem is that that build is stuck with the following message:

    Connected to APPUiO build vm manager
    Verifying service account permissions with OpenShift
    Service account is authorized to access namespace '<myproject>', queueing build job

    I tried shutting down all the other processes that I have running in order to make sure its not a problem with my quota but nothing happens.

    Am I doing something wrong or is this an internal problem?

  • APPUiO Staff

    This was indeed an internal problem where our build infrastructure was blocked by other builds. The problem has been fixed last Friday noon. We'll improve our build system to automatically remove builds which are not terminated by the already existing timeout. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

  • Works now, thanks!

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