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  • I run public events where I like to help people hit the ground running with their development projects. It would be awesome if we could enable one-click (or close to) web deployment of apps - something that several well known clouds already provide - with APPUiO. And a big bonus to me as well if (at least, read-only) connectivity to rich data sources was taken care of. Any ideas? The next event (and all are of course welcome to join) is in about a week, I'd be happy to hear your ideas of what to try out then.

  • APPUiO Staff

    Hi @loleg,
    the one-click deployment of apps is actually already possible with APPUiO. In our techlabs we show how deployments on APPUiO work.
    I invite you to join one of our free techlabs ( where we can discuss possible use cases and show you one-click deployments in action.

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