Container running under user without name

  • Some apps try to look up the user name from the uid and will fail on appuio.
    2016-09-07 05:44:47 - ArgumentError - can't find user for 1004690000:
    /opt/app-root/src/lib/txgh/key_manager.rb:37:in `getpwuid'

    Is this the default or a configuration issue?

    oc exec txgh-2-b9yta whoami
    whoami: cannot find name for user ID 1004690000
    error: error executing remote command: Error executing command in container: Error executing in Docker Container: 1

  • APPUiO Staff

    OpenShift uses SELinux to improve containment of container process which requires a unique user IDs per OpenShift project. As a consequence images must support arbitrary user ids. This is covered here in the OpenShift documentation, subsection "Support Arbitrary User IDs". Alternatively you may use our libmapuid, which is simpler to use but currently requires user 1001 to be defined in /etc/passwd in your image.

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